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08-05-2012, 06:58 PM
Hi! :hi:
Okay, so my character is a healthy teenage girl in the 21st Century who gets stabbed in the side of her left thigh and right side of the stomach with a 3-4 inch knife. Its attempted rape, too, so she does bang her head on the wall and stuff, nothing major. She would be wearing a knee length dress with tights.

Once she is stabbed in the stomach and falls to the ground, is it possible for her to lose consciousness for a minute or two, before regaining it again at the sound of her best friend and people trying to help her? How much blood would there be, and how might he help to stop it (He would have some, but not much knowledge of wounds, no experience or anything, plus he'd be panicked)?

And how deep would each wound be in order for her to stay in hospital for a long time (4-5 weeks) without any permament damage? And what damage would there be? What operations would be carried out and how long do they last for, and when is it done? Would the stab in the wound be deep enough to make her cry out (so people come to help)?

When the ambulance arrives, what would they do and what procedures would be carried out in the ambulance? Would the best friend be able to go in the ambulance with her?

In the hospital, would she be unconscious for a few days, or what? What happens to her? And is it possible for her to be unconscious for a few days as a way of her mind recuperating? Would she need someone to bath her and take her to the toilet, and how long would it be before she can walk? And would she need a walking frame or anything? And how long would it be before she is physically fully recovered?

How would this mentally affect her? Is it possible for her to become emotionally attached to her best friend who saved her and then spent a lot of time in the hospital with her? If so, would her recovery rate be affected by that? Like, him being there or not? How sensitive would she be to everything? Can she be sensitive to the words, 'stab' and rape' for a while straight after the attack? In the hospital whilst she is still recovering (A week or two later, depending on the above) she's going to hear some pretty bad news to do with her best friend. Is it possible for her to go into a rage/fit, where she throws things and cries - due to her being extra sensitive and attached to him and stuff? And how long would the mental recovery take and what would be done to help?

Also, in the hospital would she have the same carer to look after her?

Thank you! :D

08-05-2012, 07:20 PM
First, visit the New Members area and welcome to AW.

Second, skip the useless details.
I would have this:

Girl gets attacked/attempted rape.
Falls unconscious because of fear.
Remembers faint visions of ambulance, being driven to the hospital (the EMT's are trying to keep her awake), then certain parts of being wheeled through the ER.
Then she wakes up a couple days later due to her own body forcing her asleep.

I would also make the knife 3 inches long, which is legal carry (because it's less harmful) If you're stabbed in the thigh and directly in the stomach, you'd likely live. Anywhere near the kidney/arteries = Death within minutes.

Nurses switch off. But she wouldn't be there long.

The attempted rape would be rough. Stabbing, not so much. But she'd be scared of going out/men/knifes/blood/any sex and anything branching.

Google anything like: "I got stabbed" and read up the stories.

08-05-2012, 08:00 PM
Thank you for replying :)

I'm afraid I need the details because this incident happens from the viewpoint of the best friend and I want it all to be as accurate as possible.
But thank you for the other comments, they're really helpful! :)

08-05-2012, 08:12 PM
Nurses are assigned to floors/wards, so it would be the same SET of nurses throughout her stay. That could be anywhere from 4 to 20, depending on where she is. Who's actually checking up on her would depend on the day and shift.

As for a 4-5 week stay....hmm. Right side of the abdomen you've got your liver, gall bladder, bowels, etc. Gall bladder they'd possibly remove, but that doesn't have a long recovery time in the hospital. Liver they could try to repair or remove the damaged part. My sister had a lobe removed from her liver and was out in 2 days. Bowels may work if she develops sepsis (basically a massive infection) from the perforation: she's have to stay until the infection cleared up, and sepsis can lead to multi-organ failure which would increase how long it takes to recover. In that scenario she'd been in an out of consciousness for a while, due to high fever and the healing process. And as Will said, a kidney hit would be nasty. It wouldn't necessarily kill her immediately (at least it didn't kill one of my friends, who got shived while working as a prison guard), but it's a pretty nasty injury nonetheless.

Even if the thigh wound hit an artery, that wouldn't keep her there long. Assuming she didn't bleed out before they got her to surgery, something like that has a pretty quick hospital stay.

08-06-2012, 06:48 PM
Thanks for replying!
Okay, maybe it would be better for her to have a 3 week stay then? Any suggestions for that?