View Full Version : Beta or Britpicker needed for supernatural fiction novel

08-04-2012, 11:38 PM
Title: Keep Austin Weird Safe
Genre: Fiction; Supernatural/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy/Modern Fantasy (all of these would fit)
Category: YA to Adult
Word Count: Eventually 40K
What kind of feedback am I looking for? I want someone to give feedback on the writing, plot and characters mostly.
Britpicking? I have a single British character in the story who I'm trying to make sure sounds at least somewhat authentic. If you're from England and able to offer feedback on this, it's more than welcome.
Publishing: I plan to e-publish the book, though exactly how I'm not sure.
Credentials: I don't require that you have anything lofty like a published novel, just that you be an avid reader and enjoy critiquing.

At this point in time I am not willing to trade beta-readings with people.

The gist of the book is this: A dead college aged girl gets wrapped up in the killing spree of a vicious ancient entity when she befriends a Necromancer, a Succubus and a trust fund kid who spend their free time hunting evil creatures in and around Austin, Texas. The entire story is told over several acts and scenes, like a television show. But it's written out the way a novel would be. This is just meant to be 'episode' one and there will be more to come after that.

Old Hack
08-05-2012, 12:27 AM
There's more to Britain than England, you know.

08-05-2012, 12:57 AM
There's more to Britain than England, you know.
There was some choices still being made. Originally she was from the US, then Northern Ireland and now I'm leaning toward London. But yeah I know what all makes up Britain. Since she'll be using the Londoner accent I would just need someone to watch out for words like trash can being used instead of bin.