View Full Version : My 1990s "Rap"

01-11-2006, 01:39 AM
For school we had to write a 20 line post-mod rap but I hadto have some kind of story line, so here it is:

Back in the day when innocence was mine
And we partied like it was 99'
When it was time to ditch the overalls and toys
Cash in Barbies s for a cd of the Backstreet Boys
Zach Morris always bein' saved by the bell
And Beanie Babys were easy to sell
Dylan getting arrested in the 90210
Mad like the mind of Edgar Allen Poe
Paying 3 time just to see Titanic
Ferbys breaking banks and erupting panic
Electric pets in the hands of the kids
Online auctions start accepting bids
People shaken in clubs to Sir-Mix-Alot
While Tuesdays With Morrie changed lives on the spot
People gathered to watch OJ's Bronco chase
Some still believe it was a corrupted case
Feminism took a new form called the Spice Girls
From keds and flannels to Rache's curls
"Life is like a box of chocolates" said Forrest Gump
Our culture took a wicked jump
Celebrate the 90s with my sweet beats
And do the Macarana as this song completes.