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07-28-2012, 02:13 PM

Hello Wordsmiths! Storybenders, Glassblowers of imaginary worlds, funny literates and lovers of geek!
(please note that this is primarily a call for screenwriters, but if you like the idea and would like to partake, just ask)

This is your ultimate possibility to produce professionally, get credits, gain experience and earn some money too!

My outburst of enthusiasm is a meager attempt to show you that I am doing this out of passion; and I am looking for the like-minded, for brothers and sisters in arms, to be a beacon of progressive neural evolution in modern media. To form a secret society of guerrilla intellectuals to fight the battle against mental degradation through the mind numbing monotonous media blast, force fed into the synaptic net of unsuspecting consumers. How are we going to bring forth this revolution? By transforming even fecal humor into an intellectually challenging voyage for the potty-trained hominids and invoke his inherit humorous mentality to liberate.

In other words, I am looking for writers with wits, charm, humor. You need somewhat of a nerd mind and a geek heart. It does not hurt if you build robots, program AIs or explore the universe subatomic realms in your spare time, or for a living. It is sub-culture you need to be familiar with. A meme should be like a trope to you and irony something you eat for breakfast. Yes, I am asking for a genius! Why should I not? This world is full of great overlooked minds! And you might be one! (you are probably just too modest or neurotic to see it yourself)

But in all seriousness:
Ship Happens is a professionally produced webseries, I (the creator & director) am currently working on. Presently I am in negotiations for some financing, but nothing is set in stone yet (if you are a producer or know someone and might be interested, feel free to contact me to receive more information).
The series will be produced whether I can get some funds, or not. The concept of the show allows for it to be a no-budget production. And once we get a few episodes up and running, secondary funds will roll in. At one point, we will probably utilize some crowd-funding as well.
The 25+ people who work on this project (for free), sincerely believe that Ship Happens will be successful; and we are all aware that it might take a little while until we see some money from this project. But when we do - and we do our best to get there, with several great ideas to market and capitalize the project - we will share fairly, based on the level and amount of contribution and in relation to industry standards.
Most of us are involved in this because of the project idea itself. It is really funny and can be a smash hit. What it lacks though is some panache, a little bit of spank. And here is where you come in, if you should choose to accept this mission.

To clarify: No budget yet! But when we make money - and we will - we share. We will have deferred payment agreements, so you know you get your fair cut.
If money is the sole reason you would consider applying for this project, please don't.

I am looking for writers. People who can read a block of text without whining, people who get irony, sarcasm and maybe even the cosmic joke? Discordians would be great, or at least those who know what that is, or are smart enough to research it. People who are driven and most importantly funny(especially if you are unaware of it) - at least when it comes to writing.

What does the participation in this endeavor entail you might ask? That really depends on you. From the occasional idea thrown in during the writers weekly skype conference, to fleshing out, or doctoring on the script, or even writing whole episodes, all is possible. Even branching out into other departments should you have interest.

What you need is a little bit of tenacity, eagerness, humor and passion. You can be shy, insecure, childish, rude or precocious, weird, odd or curious, but you need to be able to communicate (I prefer talking), accept criticism and take a joke. And NO dramas (the personal kind)!
I advice only the atheists and agnostics to apply (this is to the benefit of all involved, as the show deals some heavy punched to mass delusions and fairy tales) and tardiness is very unwelcome. Your style is your own, but a certain tone and structure will be given. A lot of freedom to express, but with a line to follow. Some ideas exist but flexibility is key.

The one-liner:
"A group of cliché everyday characters find themselves on an alien spaceship 10.000 lyrs from Earth, and embark on a voyage back home, through a galaxy teeming with life."

Things that you may have read or seen and liked and understood:
Robert A. Wilson, Robert Asprin, Douglas Adams, Richard Corben, Allen Watts, Philip K. Dick, Aleister Crowley, Cervantes, Jules Verne, Robert E. Howard, Frank Herbert, Bruce Sterling, Terry Pratchett.
Anything Monthy Python, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Big Bang Theory, Legend of Neil, The Guild, Community, Star Trek (any form), Fritz the Cat, Star Wars (any form), BSG, Enemy Mine, Starship Troopers, Futurama, Equilibrium, Firefly & Serenity and all the rest of the great world of geekdom out there.

If you would like more information about the series and/or would like to apply, send me a mail to: psm creativemonkeys org - first comes the @ and then the . where the " "s are. ;)

I am looking forward to hear from you!

PS: I hope I am posting this in the right place and don't violate any forum rule I overlooked. If I did, please be lenient and kind enough to move this to the most appropriate place and accept my apologies.
Also note, that I might be using this text in parts, as a whole, or changed in other forums and places on the Internet.

07-28-2012, 02:35 PM
Moving to NonPaying Market until definite financing and pay schedule is set.