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07-16-2012, 12:22 AM
I admit I'm a little embarrassed to be posting this, but getting a book ready for consumption by the world is not a solitary job. :chair

Upon my laptop lies a ~107k sci-fi novel I recently finished polishing up for betas, so I'm here to look for a soul or two willing to go through it. I'm not totally sure if one would consider it YA or not; my MCs are 17/18, but I don't think it centers around adolescence and teen values or whatever.

Here is an awful a synopsis, nothing official or anything:

Echo Armand lives out a semi-happy existence in New Orleans-A while a gift passed down from her departed mother festers and grows inside her. She knows little about her gift – only that it grants some control of the highly-mechanized world around her – but if it will take her away from the lackluster life she’s been dealt, Echo has no problem jumping into an adventure.

Malachi Folliot is a fugitive, yet a prisoner. He spends his days living in a relative paradise when he gets an opportunity he can’t pass up: to meet a person bearing a power thought to have extinguished over a decade ago. There may finally be a chance – the chance – to end the misery of so many others in Malachi’s place within this person, even if they can’t end his own.

Together the pair embarks on a train ride that flings them into a quiet but ever-rising societal conflict and, more importantly, the will of a machine yearning to be even more than the sum of his parts.

I believe I need more help with the non-grammar aspects, e.g. plot, holes, characters, how believable it is, etc. I'm willing to swap beta reads, but I'd rather it be something of a similar genre. Sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk, you get the idea. I can send it out chapter by chapter or the whole shebang. My novel doesn't have explicit violence or language or anything, but there are some more mature elements.

If anyone is interested, post here or PM me. Doesn't matter. c:

07-16-2012, 03:17 AM
PMed you