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07-14-2012, 02:56 PM
Hello there :)

I decided a few days ago to translate a french fanfiction to enlish so i am here to find someone who'll be willing to correct me and make it more english while remaining as close as possible to the french story. I would like my beta reader to be english or at least to be extremely fluent in english to help me translate this story

It's a fanfiction based on the movie : "the eagle of the ninth", it has 43 chapters and is over 170 000 words, the story is settled between the moment marcus meet his new slave and the moment they go find the golden eagle, it is not slash, it's strong friendship, this story is really well written and i wanted every one to discover this fanfiction, the author gave me her permission to translate it

So if you are interested please contact me :)

07-14-2012, 06:36 PM
What you are asking is editing, not beta reading.

Editing a 170K words manuscript is no small task. Considering the industry average is US$0.005 and US$0.03 per word (half a cent to three cents a word), you are in fact asking for a US$3000 favour. More or less. Without anything tangible back on your part on this board (you have 3 posts as I write this).

Just saying.


ETA: as a reference professional copyediting is roughly 1K words per hour worth of work. The job above is 170 hours of work, or about a month worth of work for a full time professional copyeditor. Again, just to emphacize the level of commitment this means.