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07-12-2012, 10:40 PM
Hi All,

I'm in search of an experienced fiction writer to collaborate on a self-published ebook in the urban contemporary genre. The first draft of the story of an African-American man and woman falling in love despite family drama and their own misgivings about their relationship is already written. Collaboration is needed, however, to spice it up a bit, fine tune it and prepare it for market.

Since the main characters, their family members and friends are African-American and the book will be marketed to middle-aged AA women, it is important for a collaborator to have a positive relationship with black culture and be able to write in such a way so as to appeal to the targeted demographic. Also, a Southern California writer who is willing to meet face-to-face a few times is preferred, BUT a talented collaborator living on the other side of the country may also be considered if able to maintain regular communication via Skype, Google+, phone, text and email.

Anyone interested in this collaboration should be familiar with the self-publishing movement and willing to jump in with both feet. Prior experience with the Kindle Direct Publishing platform is not necessary, but is greatly appreciated. If you are not familiar with Kindle publishing or self-publishing, in general, read through some of the self-publishing discussions here. You may also visit J.A. Konrath's blog or even Google "Kindle Self-Publishing Success" for a crash course.

Writing credit will be shared between writers and compensation for this project is completely negotiable, but will be agreed upon in writing before work begins.

Should collaboration on this single project work well for both of us, there will be more to follow. I have several other stories and non-fiction works that I'm willing to share with the right partner (and I hope that you do, too).

If you're interested, please forward me the following information ASAP:

Your legal name and any writing pseudonyms you've published under

Your contact number AND email address

A brief bio detailing your writing experience

Two or more writing samples (any genre, but preferably fiction)

A link to your website or blog

You may PM me here, but the best way to contact me is really via email at Laura M Sands at gmail dot com.