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07-12-2012, 03:34 AM
I need a character to say both "Policeman" (referring to a single person) and "Police" (referring to the whole agency). Online translators want to give me the same word: policia. But how do you differenciate?


ETA: Also, what would be the correct way to say "Do you have a bodyguard?"

(I know, these seem like random phrases...)

07-12-2012, 03:40 AM
Agente de policia is what they would call a 'police officer'.

Just saw your edit. Sorry, not sure on the bodyguard one. 4 years of High School Spanish were long ago. :)

Squirrel on a Ledge
07-13-2012, 05:04 AM
Actually, I think "policía" is generally used to refer to either the force OR an individual officer. For the organization, "la policía." For a policeman, "el policía." For a female officer, "la mujer policía."

I've never actually used the word "bodyguard," so this one I'm less sure of, but the dictionaries say "guardaespaldas." I can't confirm it, but it seems logical.

Hope this helps! My Spanish is a bit rusty (I minored in it and used to be nearly fluent, but that was several years ago). Nonetheless, if you have any other questions, I'll try my best!

07-13-2012, 07:16 PM
You could say "Tienes un guardespaldas?" or "Tienes una guarura?"

07-18-2012, 06:26 PM
As they said above, the article is the difference. "El policía" for an individual police officer and "La policía" for the entire agency, example:

"¡Allí viene la policía, corran!"

(There come the police, run!)

"¡Allí viene el policía, corran!"

(There comes the policeman, run!)

07-30-2012, 04:58 AM
My husband is from Chile and he confirms that "guardaspalda" is correct.