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06-29-2012, 09:22 PM
Greetings fellow writers! I am currently working on a novel titled Once a Month and I need a new beta reader. (Past beta reader and I parted company; thatís another story.) Currently I am working on Chapter 10 and expect the book to run about 25 chapters long.

Thereís no pay involved but I would be willing to buy a book of choice (within reason, not Blackís Law Dictionary) for the beta reader. I only ask that the reader peruse the chapter soon after receiving it and get back to me right away. Primarily Iím looking for someone to read the work in progress chapter by chapter and provide feedback primarily for clarity and flow, less so for content.

A bit more about the novel: Itís about a married couple experiencing financial hardship that enter into an agreement with the wife's very wealthy and lonely best friend: The husband will sleep with the best friend once a month for one year and be paid $10,000 for each encounter. There are some scenes with tastefully done sexual content.

Youíre assistance would be highly appreciated.


06-29-2012, 09:34 PM
Hello and welcome to the board.

You may not realize it but there are about 30,000 members of AW. Which means we see a LOT of new people. Unfortunately, we have also seen a LOT of new people come, ask for a crit or a beta and then leave. They never become a contributing member of the site. Which leaves the regulars a bit irritable.

It's not a problem that you came here to find people to share your work with, many of us have. BUT you will have much better luck if you stick around and become a participating member of the community.

The reason I think you will get more responses if you stick around...I have only offered to beta a couple times. Once it was for a new member like you, but his synopsis was so good that if it was a book in the store I would have bought it. I haven't seen that since. The other two times I offered to beta were because I enjoyed the first chapter that was posted in the Share Your Work (SYW) forum of this board.

SYW for the reasons I just explained, requires a new member to have at least 50 posts in order to ask for a crit. You can start contributing and critting other people's work now though. I highly recommend this.

Good luck and I hope you do stick around and get to know us. There is a lot of great info, and many great people here.

06-29-2012, 09:35 PM
Hi K -

Since you're brand new here, I thought I might mention that the best way to find a beta reader, is to swap. It's a huge time commitment (if done well). You might think of looking through the other posts and seeing if there is anyone you'd like to offer a swap.