View Full Version : Need opinions from self-pubs for a business plan

06-02-2012, 05:03 AM
Hey, everyone!

I'm working with a couple of other people to put together a business plan for a company that would work with self-pubs (I am one at times, and they're very interested in that whole side of the industry) on all their non-writing needs as authors. Our plan is to work with self-pubs on the editing/design/marketing levels so that self-pubs have more time to actually write.

We've agreed to a basic business outline. What we haven't nailed down is the exact pricing/timeline model. We've discussed either a long-term, membership based model or a short-term, quick turnaround model. I was hoping you all could follow the link (which takes you to my blog), read through the info (it's brief), and take the poll (no e-mail or anything needed). We're serious about getting this idea off the ground but need to know how people would prefer to work with us.

The link: http://gaylefmoffet.com/2012/06/01/calling-all-self-published-authors-for-opinions/