View Full Version : Call for Submissions: The Fast-Forward Festival

05-19-2012, 05:48 AM
The Fast-Forward Festival (http://fastforwardfest.com) is a speculative fiction web magazine with an emphasis on (but not limited to) time travel. Issue #2 is slated for release on July 2nd, and we currently are seeking short story submissions!

Time travel is one of the most fertile ideas to come out of the science fiction and fantasy genres. Each issue, we’ll showcase 1-4 excellent pieces about various kinds of journeys through time. Give us alternate dimensions, voyages into the deep future, and garbage cans that contain portals to Ming Dynasty China. Feel free to turn our preconceptions upside-down.

Just because we’re fascinated by time travel, though, doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in other types of stories! Try us - we take science fiction and fantasy, and humorous, experimental, and mainstream styles are all welcome.

Interested? Check out our submission guidelines (http://fastforwardfest.com/?page_id=4). Questions? Feel free to ask!

We look forward to reading your work!