View Full Version : What do these cities have in common?

Cathy C
04-26-2012, 05:32 PM
Christchurch, England Population: 41,723
Conroe, Texas, USA Population: 41,402
Hod HaSharon, Israel Population: 41,646
Lidingo, Sweden Population: 41,594
New Iberia, Louisiana, USA Population: 41,588
Pugacev, Russia Population: 41,700
Woodburn, Oregon, USA Population: 41,150

Why, they're the same size as AbsoluteWrite's membership! Population: 41,694

Want to see the stats? Select the text of this post with your mouse to see just how big AW has grown over the years! :D

Congratulations, guys! We're a world class writing city!

04-26-2012, 07:04 PM
That's pretty amazing--but nothing happened when I selected the text, except for the selection aspect. Maybe it's browser-dependent? (I'm on Firefox.)

Wow, AW's bigger than where I live, by a couple thousand. Cool! No wonder so many of you look familiar. I'm sure I've seen you around, at the library, the coffee place, the bookstore, the gas station...

Maryn, impressed with us

Cathy C
04-26-2012, 07:20 PM
It could be. I haven't tried to open this in another browser. I made the text white so it would show up only with a highlight. Maybe if you hit the quote button, it would show up in the text box?