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Kim Gogo
12-29-2005, 06:55 AM
I spent a chunk of time before Christmas delivering copies of SoS to family members who were too nervous to order online. And then on Christmas morning found a present under the tree for me: "Make a Real Living as a Freelance Writer" by our very own JG. Good Karma--instant results!!


12-29-2005, 07:26 AM
I sent 8 so far.
I am ordering 6 more this w/e for others.

It turned out to be a nice gift.

September skies
12-29-2005, 07:41 AM
I had my first "private" signing and it was so cool. A close friend bought six books to send to his family members and asked me to join him for coffee. I sat in a Starbucks and autographed the books. I know that's not the same thing, but it was a great feeling.

12-29-2005, 12:32 PM
:hooray: And Kim, one of your family members clearly has great taste in books. ;)

12-29-2005, 07:40 PM
That's so cool, Kim! And September, I know what you mean. I spent a bit of time signing the copies my coworkers ordered, and it really brought home the feeling of being a published writer.

Stories of Strength is a book that's a gift on so many levels....