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04-12-2012, 07:54 PM
Hi All,

Anybody else ever see The Great Buck Howard, starring John Malkovich? I was talking with someone about it the other day and we both thought it was too bad that it seemed to be kind of an obscure movie.

I just thought it falls into that funny category where you walk away from it completely surprised and happy, and then you find out that nobody you know has seen it.

My wife and I ended up seeing it because we were sitting in a hotel in Fishkill, NY and were bored out of our skulls. We were looking around at local stuff to do and saw the movie was playing in some little art-house theater a few miles away. The funny name, combined with Malkovich being in it, made it kind of attractive, so we drove over and watched it.

It was showing in the basement of this little art-house. The room was tiny, and so was the projector. They were playing it against one of those pull-down screens you would have seen a movie on in a grade school, and they had a motley assortment of raggedy old chairs for people to sit in.

I detest art-houses. And art-house theaters. And that's what made it so funny - that movie was perfect for that setting, I thought it couldn't possible have been better than watching that flick in that tiny little room, on the cheap projector, in a ratty chair. It was perfect.

Anyway, I just wanted to hear what others thought of it.

04-13-2012, 07:44 PM
I love movies with Malkovich, but I havent seen it. I will check it out though.