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04-05-2012, 01:32 AM
In times of strife, pain and loss, people are often looking for sources of hope or understanding, or simply to feel less alone, or more normal. I've gone through this myself and in due time, I've realized that silence is poison and have become inspired to provide an outlet for others. I am a Christian, but feel that the knowledge of God and universal themes of life are relatable to everyone, regardless of their religion or atheism.

As a result, I am writing a book and am looking for submissions for "Dear God letters”, and thought that your congregants might be interested in sharing their stores. “Dear God letters” are letters or e-mails addressed to God that address a particular aspect of your life or life in general. They can be signed off by the letter writer, a pseudonym, or they can be anonymous. The letters can be long or short, funny, insightful, or heartbreaking, about life, death or anything in between; all I ask is that they're honest. By sharing these letters to God, it is my intention that people will gain insight and find strength, peace in their personal struggles, knowing that they are not alone and finding hope in the experiences of others. I will be pitching the idea and book to literary agents, with the intended goal of having a selection of the letters published in a book.
If anyone is interested, please submit only your own letters that have not been published, uploaded or submitted anywhere else. Submissions can be emailed to entrepreneurialhustle@gmail.com (entrepreneurialhustle@gmail.com) If anyone would prefer to submit online, they can do so through the site I've set up for this project: http://deargodlettersunsent.weebly.com (http://deargodlettersunsent.weebly.com/)