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12-22-2005, 06:38 PM
2006 is right around the corner. I'm not big on making New Year resolutions but I do like to have a plan that keeps me focused on where I'm going. Just curious. What sort of projects are you Christian writers working on for 2006? Books? Articles? Websites? Do you write newsletters for your church? Do you write full-time or part-time?

Take a few minutes to share the direction you hope to take for 2006. I'll jump in after a few others get this going.

12-27-2005, 12:51 AM
I am working on multiple fronts. Part of the plan is to get devotionals published. I have quite a few that I just need to tweak for specific markets. The work on devotionals is part of my plan to get published. I need to get some credits so that I can draw the attention of an agent or publisher. The work with devotionals is just part of my plan. An outgrowth of the devotionals is perhaps a gift book or devotional book. Also on the short end of the scale is some submissions i have in mind for DaySpring cards. They are located maybe 30 miles from where I live. Since most of my writing experience is poetry, I tend to do well on the short end of the scale.

Scaling up I have started several short stories. Mostly fantasy genre short stories. My intention is to write either one picture book and short story a month. That of course depends on how much time I put into bigger projects.

I have never really attempted a novel length project. I have 2-3 stories that are ready for a novel, and maybe 1 short story that could grow into a novel. I have begun outlining some of the projects. Most of the novel ideas are for the fantasy genre, though one is more of a possible YA superhero type story. I also have a non fiction project that I have been working on and off for the better part of a year. I need to tweak my outline, but the basic idea is sound.

I have been holding back somewhat on the bigger projects mainly because I lack confidence but also technique. My plan is to work on certain techniques through the use of short stories and picture books. Once I have greater confidence in my skills, I will start on the novels. I intend to start writing my first novel around april to june.

As far as concrete goals, I plan to get at least one picture book published or at least under contract this year. I intend to get multiple devotionals published and if I may self publish a devotional book if I cannot interest a publisher.

12-27-2005, 02:06 AM
Right now 2006 looms like a big question mark; I've been praying about it, but am only starting to get a feel for what it is God wants me to do with my writing. I'm still somewhat new to this (a part-timer), and 2005 saw just the first published articles, devotionals, and poems. As He leads and inspires, I'll continue to write and submit those types of things, but I've also written a Bible study that has been held by a somewhat interested publisher for over a year, and I think one of the things He's leading me to do in 2006 is to submit it to other publishers. I'd like to explore what few markets there might be for a poetry/devotional book I wrote last year, too. Also, I'd like to write another Bible study for the women at my church and am praying about 2 or 3 different topics for that. And one other thing I've started to consider and pray about is a more autobiographical 'pivotal life experience' type of book, this at the suggestion of an agent who took a look at the Bible study I'd written. I've been resistant to the idea, but want to make sure I'm resistant for the right reasons, and also need to make sure I'm not saying 'no' to something God might actually want.

Lyra Jean
12-27-2005, 02:27 AM
I'm planning on getting my novel finished at least through the second draft this coming year. Along with some short stories that tie in with the novel. Perhaps a few non-fiction articles as well.

Robin Bayne
12-30-2005, 05:03 AM
2006 is a big question mark for me as well. I have 2 devotional projects being submitted by my agent, and I'd like to write more devotionals and come up with a new, unique theme. With health problems this past year I didn't accomplish much.

Also contemplating starting a romantic mystery or another contemporary Christian romance.

Writing is my second job--days I work for a small savings bank in the mortgage department. That is always stressful. I need to be able to balance both areas of my life.

Happy new year, by the way, to everyone!:)

01-01-2006, 03:58 PM
2006 is here. Happy New Year Everyone!

I have a screenplay to finish and a novel to write. Those are my projects. I have decided not to pursue articles, poetry, songs, devotionals, short stories or anything else. God has made it clear I'm not to do all that stuff anymore. So this will be the first year I've actually narrowed my focus this much. And wouldn't you know, now I'm getting requests to do other things . . . so I must be on the right track.