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03-04-2012, 02:43 PM
I am starting a new paranormal blog that will officially launch in early October but will be both 'live' and gathering content till that time.

The site is already gathering about a hundred or so hits a day in six days of being live and should continue to gain readership. I have experience in blogging to a degree so I should be able to drive traffic up. This means, hits, reads and exposure.

The goal is to get the blog a proper URL and hosted on it's own server in time for the build up to Halloween...

I was hoping to come here and find a couple contributors to write some posts and be a part of the site's team.

What I am looking to write about/cover is:

NEWS: News items on ghosts, aliens, weird and strange news, UFOs, cryptozoology, monsters, urban legends, abandoned places etc etc...

For this purpose I am writing a Word doc of sources to send out to the two writers I already have, so you would not have to scour the net for the subject matter, especially if you have an RSS feed reader.

Real ghost stories: Maybe this is more of something to pass on as it is not really writing, but we will also be looking for your true ghost stories. Be warned if someone on the staff smells a fake they will get criticized.

Reviews: I am also interested on publishing reviews on paranormal non-fiction books and documentary films on the subjects at hand, so if you have a favorite or one you have seen or read one recently this is needed as well.

Older Paranormal articles: What I mean by 'older' is stuff from the past that is not 'breaking' news. Amityville, Brown Lady, The Entity haunting, Loch Ness Monster, Project Blue Book, John Titor...

I also would love to see top ten posts like: Top Ten Ghost Photos or Top Ten UFO Encounters or Top Ten Abandoned Places...

Hopefully I have peaked some of your interests. If you would like to help out please respond here or email me at this address with Spirit World Writers in the subject line:


Here is the URL for the blog:
News From The Spirit World (http://newsfromthespiritworld.wordpress.com/)

Hope to hear from some of you soon!