View Full Version : Mentoring needed on descriptions(Fantasy)

02-25-2012, 07:00 PM
I have come to realize that the biggest flaw in my writing at the moment is the descriptions. They are called vague.

Thus I have posted here in order to get the attention of someone who would consider mentoring me, so that I may improve on that regard. As of yet, I have not published any work, nor truly written one for that matter.

My intention is mostly to write fantasy and scifi, so any mentor would have to deal with those genres.

I prefer honest, but kind criticism. The main aim is for my descriptions to become better. Mostly this would probably mean reading and re-reading my first few chapters over and over again and criticizing my flaws, so that I can improve my skills.(other flaws can be addressed if so wished, but the most important part is the descriptions)

The first chapter of my WIP can be found here(4th draft 1600 words):


I believe it tells all that is necessary about my skills and difficulties.

Thank you for taking the time of reading this.