View Full Version : BETA READER WANTED for YA Urban Fantasy, fairytale twist

02-16-2012, 08:10 PM
I am looking for betas for my YA UF a twist off Sleeping Beauty. Alternating POV and complete at 84k.

Scarlett Lux feels like enough of a freak when she starts having premonitions of death, let alone learning she has some bizarre light that sparks from her hands. To top that off, her sort-of ex-boyfriend Mason Salvatore is a prince, but not just any prince—a prince for The Society of Assassins—a supernatural breed who kill to keep the balance between good and evil. At least, they were before Mason’s parents were killed and a new Majester stepped in. One who has it out for both Scarlett and Mason.

Enter Sebastian Andersson, a sexy, mysterious guardian who just so happens to be there whenever Scarlett is in trouble. Two guys defending her sounded great at first, except they can’t spend five minutes together without fighting. Scarlett really doesn’t need boy drama right now. Not when Majester is trying to kill her for her light—the power to melt the barriers between heaven, hell and earth—and everyone has mistaken her for a missing princess. There’s no time for jealousy—the Majester’s army is set to attack. If the three of them can’t find a way to work together, they’ll all be dead.

DM me if you're interested!