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02-16-2012, 10:00 AM
Hi! It's been a while since I last posted, sorry about that. I've finally got a novel *almost* ready to leave the nest. I've edited, and tinkered, and switched things around until I'm going cross-eyed. Methinks it's ready for the beta process.

My baby weighs in at approx. 70k words and falls somewhere in the paranormal genre. There is a little violence (typical Vamps trying to eat people) with a small amount of steamy romance, but not enough to call it a Para romance. The book is probably not for people with an aversion to the following: vampires, witches, guitars, blood, sex, strip clubs, music, haunted violins, lesbians, snark, etc.

I've published a half-dozen novellas / SS collections and reviews have been good, so I don't think I'm totally inept. Interested in overall impressions, plot holes, etc.-- though catching grammatical errors (hear/here) would be a bonus.

I'm open for swapping work and I'm also on the hunt for longer writing relationships. Eventually I'd love to find someone to bounce ideas off of or even co-author with. I had such a friend several years ago and we usually traded a chapter or two at a time.

**A little about me: I'm Karen, a 34 yr. old married mother of two rugrats. I've got a full-time day job as a graphic designer, a second profession as a portrait photographer and I also run a website where I review books, talk about writing, etc.

I'll read anything from literary to horror. Not much offends me and I'm not squeamish. I have a fondness for thrillers, horror and paranormal novels, but chick-lit, mystery, some historical and even fantasy have snagged my interest in the past. Bonus if the writing is a little snarky. Double-bonus if the work includes a cross-dressing zombie. :-)

Thanks for reading!

02-16-2012, 08:36 PM
Hi Karen!

You and I sound like a match made in heaven.

I have a novel I'm still finishing the final rewrite/edit of, but I'm hoping it will be done soon. It falls in the same genre as yours - paranormal with a little bit of a romance, but nothing too steamy - more urban fantasy. It has witches and immortals and death and mayhem!

I am also a mother of 2 beautiful boys and am only a *few* years older than you. :D I also used to have a friend I could bounce ideas off of, but we drifted apart when I moved out of writing in the game industry.

I also am starting to try writing short stories - they don't all fall in the paranormal realm, but I'd hope that'd be OK.

Talk soon maybe? :D


02-17-2012, 07:47 PM
Hi Staci! We do sound compatible :-) I'll send you a PM and we can talk more. Thanks!