View Full Version : Wanna Beta a YA Fantasy??? Please!

02-13-2012, 09:15 PM
Hi, My name is Ally, and I'm looking for a beta.

For Nano, I started a brand new idea that has taken off. I just finished my MS and I'm looking for a beta now.

The little made up query/summary.

Evelyn wakes up on a sandy shore with no idea who she is, where she came from, or where she is. Taken in by adoptive “parents” who tell her she has amnesia is rough enough, but when she realizes there is something wrong with the town and its people, her newly found ideas and curious personality begin to put her in danger. Why do people wash up on the shore daily? Where do they come from? Why does everyone in the town have amnesia? What is beyond the forest that surrounds them? Why are they are living in the dark ages when she remembers concepts of more modern technology?

Sensing the danger she is getting into by asking these questions she decides to run away but she cant go alone, so she asks Matty, a boy who only woke up on the shores of the town a week before her. Together the two run away into the mysterious woods to find out who they are, where they came from, and how to get there memories back.

Although beyond the confines of their little town the mysteries continue, and there are far greater dangers that lurk in the land of Nesia. Shadow beasts, gorgons, endless labyrinths, killer mermaids are only the first of the terrifying obstacles that stand in there way of finding out how to get back home.

But as their memories come back to them slowly, are they even sure they are the people they think they are, and are their former lives even worst then this new and strange land?

Sound interesting? I hope so. I should mention there is also a pretty awesome twist ending!

Well its a YA Fantasy, about 135K. (yeah a little on the long side i know... sorry!) I'd also be willing to swap reading and beta-ing you book in return.

Interested or have questions please PM me!

Thanks for reading!