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01-24-2012, 11:27 AM
Is anyone else struggling with this?
Up to last Friday, I had all my books, including one with a pen-name, listed on my main author page.
Then, while editing the blurb, that book disappeared, and I couldn't get it back on the page. It's still on GR, though. It has my pen name as author, and my other name (which is also a pen name!) in brackets.

I wrote to Goodreads and they replied as follows:

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for contacting us. While we certainly want to put all your publications on your author page, we are not currently set up to accommodate multiple pen names – each user profile can only be attached to one author profile. But we are working on this, and multiple pen name support will be possible soon.

As a temporary solution, we could change each of your pen names to one common name of your choosing (either Sharon Mass or Aruna Sharan]). This would automatically bring together all your titles on your profile page. Once author aliases are enabled, we can change these titles to the more accurate information Please let me know what you would prefer, and thanks for joining!

I really don't want to change either of my pen names to the other. The alternative is to create another author profile for Aruna for the other book, and link the two author pages manually.

It's just strange that this happened exactly at the moment when I edited the blurb! If I had left good enough alone it would probably still be on the one page.

What do you think? What have other authors done?

01-25-2012, 01:23 AM
I think it could be more than awkward for someone who didn't want the readers to know their real name. I find it disturbing when different sites, and more when its the author's publisher, does this sort of outing of writers.

I wouldn't have thought this of Goodreads.

01-25-2012, 10:44 AM
Well, in my case the issue has been resolved; the book now has both my names as author, and is listed under my main page, as well as under a brand new pen-name page.

If someone wanted to keep their pen name a secret identity, then they should create a whole new profile for that author name. That's enough to keep them separate. I deliberately wanted them to be combined, however,