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Christopher Marcus
01-19-2012, 08:22 AM
I've got a moody road-movie-like short story of about 6K words that I would really appreciate some beta-reading for. I think I've gone blind by now re-reading and re-writing it. Somebody else needs to see it and tell me if it works well enough. It's contemporary fiction and rather gritty, but I've tried to let it end on a hopeful note.

Title: "That Which Cannot Be Broken"

The blurp:

Carrie seeks to forget her shady past in an even shadier bar in a small city somewhere in the middle of nowhere. She feels dead inside and just wants to drink herself to death, alone - but a stranger, claiming to be an Indian shaman, refuses to let her. Three bikers are less friendly inclined. But perhaps there is still a chance for Carrie to find that which cannot be broken inside herself ... if she survives the night, that is ...

I've previously pubbed this story on my website, but this is a reworked and, I feel, vastly improved version. I want to use it for my first go at self-publishing via Amazon's Kindle-program - just to learn the nuts and bolts. So it's pretty important for me to make it good - and then some.

I'm willing to beta just about anything in return, if you want me to. I've got experience with contemporary, scifi, fantasy mostly, but I will spend serious time to give serious feedback on just about anything if it can help me shanghai - I mean, get the voluntary help of some serious betas in return.

You can PM me for the story, and if you have questions. Please go ahead. I don't bite!

Thanks in advance.


Christopher Marcus
01-22-2012, 02:04 PM
I have my betas. Thanks! :-)