View Full Version : Magazines and Presses with free website hosting

01-16-2012, 08:22 AM
I have noticed that several magazines (and to a much lesser extent - presses) show so little devotion to their project, that they won't even purchase a website for the "company".

Some of these entities chose to operate through blogs or facebook. Even more operate through free website hosting.

Is it me or does the lack of purchasing one's own website (when creating something requiring as much devotion as a publishing company) not bode well for a "publisher's" devotion to the project?

To me this indicates that the person or people creating the company just had the inkling one day to become a publisher and make their own magazine, with reckless disregard for what responsibility and level of effort that entails?

I am fully aware of the pinch many of us are in because of the state of the world's economy. I don't have a lot of money after bills myself.

But in a situation like that, if I have so little money that I cannot purchase a simple domain for (ballpark) 75$ a year, that I PROBABLY do not have the money necessary to sustain the operation or market it appropriately.

I am not bothered at all by companies that do not offer payment for the work that they contract. I respect those institutions even if I rarely patronize them and (have yet to) submit to them. So that is not part of my concern here.

That being said, I have seen a trendy correlation between little monetary effort and little quality. Doesn't always make that the case but this trend is making me sad - so many magazines and presses rising up and falling. They were doomed before they even started, and I can see it coming.

(I love changing my opinion - so someone explain to me why I am wrong).