View Full Version : Holidays and Pets--safety tips

12-09-2005, 12:08 AM
I thought it might be a good idea to post some safety tips now that the holiday season is ramping up. Here are just a few ideas--feel free to add to the list!

*If your holiday celebrations include candles, restrict your pet's access to them. We don't want any little furry or feathered buddies getting burned or accidentally starting fires. Don't let them eat candle wax, either!

*You might want to put your pets in another room during parties or dinners. Sometimes pets that normally enjoy socializing can get over-excited when a lot of people are around, and become nippy. You don't want anybody to be bitten or scratched, or for your pet to feel too stressed.

*Make sure nobody shares unsafe treats with your pets. No chocolate, alcohol, sugary or greasy foods, or avocado for birds, dogs, cats, or other furry friends! You might keep a tray of doggie biscuits or cat treats set out, or a veggie or fruit tray that can be shared with the birds.

*Keep ornamental holiday plants out of reach. Some are toxic to animals--and dangerous for children, too!

*Be careful that no pets escape through frequently opened doors when guests are arriving or leaving.

What else? Please share your favorite holiday pet safety tips. :)