View Full Version : Anybody ever done an online college program? Anybody know about CalStateTEACH?

Kitty Pryde
12-28-2011, 02:44 AM
And how did you like it?

I got my undergrad degree in '06 and since then have been a never-ending disappointment to my parents by not going to grad school. I had vague plans, but I was so unsure about what I wanted to do that I never applied.

Anyways, now I am pretty sure of what I want to do: get my California Teaching Credential (technically this is "post-bachelor's degree coursework" and not actually "earning a graduate degree" but whatev). I work in an elementary classroom and I am really enjoying it. I'm looking at a new program through Cal State called CalStateTEACH. It's new, it's affordable, I'll be able to hold down a job while I do it, plus do student teaching. It seems like a good use of current technology (you can have all your coursework, textbooks, and real-time class stuff on the iPad).

I feel like online will be good for me, because I'm kind of antisocial in the college classes setting. I love learning, reading, and coursework, but I don't like sitting in class, or approaching professors, or studying with peers. I think I'm self-motivated enough as well. Anyone have any experience with online courses, and any smart advice?

12-28-2011, 06:28 AM
Idk about online colleges, or CalStateTEACH. But I am taking online courses while an undergrad. I've done well ('A' in both courses this fall semester) and would recommend them only to people who can handle that responsibility.

Check the website and emails everyday, sometimes twice a day. Keep a calendar for those DUE DATES. Turn in work at least a day early, if possible. Make sure your browser is compatible and your computer is in top shape -- don't want to be in the middle of an exam and something goes wrong. Make sure the internet doesn't suddenly go out and wi-fi access points are good.

I think distance learning, or online courses are convenient. Self-motivation is a very important factor in this. The only hang-up I've experienced with online courses are the technological ones. That is, the IT department trying out new things or the browser not being compatible with the online class program.

Other than that, I have and do enjoy online classes. :)

12-28-2011, 06:35 AM
Currently I'm finishing my degree (associates) through a community college and am doing almost all of the coursework online and I love it. .