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12-20-2011, 09:40 AM
Welcome to the POC board!

*sets out coffee and chocolate muffins*

I would like to say a few things aka There Is To Be NO Foolishness up in here:

1. ALL are welcome,provided you enter with respect and understanding.

2.This is a room to discuss writing characters of color,the issues POC writers have to confront within the publishing industry and a place to have intelligent discussions.

3. Don't be afraid to discuss controversial subjects and issues provided that you remember that RYFW(Respect Your Fellow Writer) is the #1 rule here.

4. Please don't enter and poo-poo the issues that POC writers face,say there is no such thing,ask why do "they" need a room, "they" are getting special treatment, etc. Doing so will get you booted with the quickness.

NO phuckery is allowed. This means that #4 isn't allowed. Period.

NO derogatory stereotypes,slurs and the like is allowed. We can discuss them at length but actually using them towards others and introducing research,quotes,etc to justify them isn't allowed. Stereotypes aren't TRUTH.

I would also welcome discussion of LGBT characters of color. I know many of you have read the sticky in the QUILTBAG room. Those rules also apply here when discussing these characters. Homophobic slurs and other mess will get you booted.

There will be no bashing of our peeps of the porcelain persuasion,either. The entire industry is not chock full of racists or DA MAN trying to keep us down. Our fellow writers don't rock freshly pressed white sheets in their spare time.Vent,express your frustrations,talk about your experiences but do NOT use racist language or terms. Racism is not acceptable towards anyone. Again,you will be sent packing.

If you have questions about a character of color,please don't be afraid to ask.

That said,please read the rules and understand them. My lovely co-Mod,KittyPryde,might have some things she wants to add as well.


I look forward to talking with y'all!