View Full Version : Bookstores who are stocking SOS

Ken Schneider
12-07-2005, 09:26 PM
I have two bookstores in my area who now stock SOS here in Ohio. Jay and Mary's little professor bookcenter, and the bookstore at a local Hallmark gift store. I know the hallmark bookstore doesn't sound as good, but they are setting them on the front counter/w poster. The bookstore portion has plenty of titles, to include some of Uncle Jim's books.

So, 2 for me as of now. I thought we might list them here so that we can start a running tab of how many bookstores we are in. We may be able to use this info in future visits to other stores, and also tell them how sales at the store went.

But, read below, now these two stores are in a mad rush to get more copies of SOS. Why?

The article for the book ran in the two cities local papers on Monday, and, someone at both papers, they are sister papers, ran the story again today. LOL.

Well, both stores are now, in three days, out of stock, (5) each and have re-ordered, and are taking orders for more books from the walk-ins wanting SOS.

I dare say that they've learned their lesson, and will be ordering more than the five copies on the first go round.

WooT! in my opinion.


12-07-2005, 10:13 PM
I know of one for sure: The Banff Book & Art Den (http://www.banffbooks.com/). Last time I checked, they were still waiting on the 10 copies they'd ordered. I'll touch base and update this post.