View Full Version : Beta wanted for YA Dark Fantasy

12-11-2011, 08:56 PM
Hi ladies and gents,

I'd love a beta or critique partner with a strong handle on plotting who's willing to take a look at my YA dark fantasy "Rebel Against Heaven", and

Just fire my a PM if you're interested. I'm also happy to swap manuscripts if you want. :)

After committing suicide, 17-year-old Tyler faces a pain much worse than death – dark wings burst out from his back and he transforms into an angel of death. But he’s still marked as a suicide, and an angel appears to drag him to Hell. Confused and terrified, violent instincts take over and he accidentally kills the angel.

To escape punishment for the murder, Tyler is forced to take a job collecting suicidal souls. Outcast by the other angels, he struggles with his new abilities. He’s able to influence the last moments of the dying, encouraging suicides to reconsider—but the wrong word or a moment of anger can push them over the edge.

Saving suicides helps him ease the guilt of his own death, but he’s powerless to help his own family. His little sister is caught in a downwards spiral, looking for fights and drinking away his memory.

The distraught lover of the angel he killed sees her chance for revenge. In the eye-for-an-eye law of the angels, her goal is clear: she will push his sister towards suicide and show Tyler what it’s like to lose someone he loves…