View Full Version : Beta Needed for Mystery (will swap)

11-16-2011, 07:02 AM

I need a beta reader for a PI mystery. It's about 63K words. Also, I'm willing to swap if you have a manuscript you'd like me to beta for you as well.

Here's the summary of mine:

Ray Crusafi, private investigator, heads to Oklahoma but never makes it. Halfway there, he takes supposedly simple job investigating a shooting in tiny Eris, Missouri. Someone wants the local grocery store out of business, and will do whatever it takes.

However, Ray's presence escalates things. The store owner's son is killed, and the sheriff suspects Ray of murder.

Ray's wife joins him, but she is seen as the perfect opportunity, and she is kidnapped. Then the ultimatum comes; his wife will die in 24 hours unless he personally levels the grocery store to the ground.

To save his wife, and wrap up the case, he has only one day to discover who is behind it all.