View Full Version : Looking for beta reader - Fun Amateur Sleuth Novel

11-13-2011, 04:50 AM
I was at the Backspace conference and a couple agents asked for full manuscripts. However, I had also gotten some advice -- thanks, Lois! -- that I took to heart on my WIP that I thought was already completed, and took a machete to it.

From 94K I am not down to 87K, and need some help making sure I didn't leave some sentences or paragraphs dangling. I've been over it so much in the past eight days -- plus driving from NJ to NH and back to clean out a family home in 26 hours -- that I am getting dizzy.

It's a fun, sarcastic amateur sleuth mystery that (I hope) will be a quick read. If anyone out there is willing to take a shot, I could really use the help before I send it out to the agents.