View Full Version : Looking for Beta/Writing Buddy for Spiritually Inspired mythological anthology

Promethean Dreams
11-13-2011, 02:30 AM
I am looking for someone to beta the first short story in my spiritually inspired mythological anthology.

Prototype God: A new Prometheus 3600 words

Celestial beings have destroyed humanity for being a potentially malignant cancer poised to spread throughout the universe. Ignacio has been saved in order to redeem and restore humanity. His mission is to absorb the collective sins of humanity and resolve them. He does this by becoming the all encompassing god of his own universe. Thus a new Prometheus is born.

While I welcome all betas I would love a writing buddy interested in religion and/or mythology. The anthology will be comprised of roughly 25 short stories. I will be using many Gods and goddesses. Currently my cast of characters include: Prometheus, Samsara, Mara, Apollo, Eshu, Thoth, Izanami, Kali, Izanagi, Delilah, Cerberus, Loki, Phaeton, Morpheus, Illusion, Durga, Myth&History(the same character), Ego, Narcissus & Cupid(the same character),Venus, Lucifer, Aphrodite, and Maat. I am using beings and concepts from many cultures. I would love to be influenced by someone who knows of mythological stories that I have not been exposed to.