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11-11-2011, 08:40 AM
I want to like it, I really do, but the inconsistencies and failures are making it hard.


Several prime examples:
Fluttering Finger Mindslip:
--The episode was incomplete. Po erases his own memory to forget the technique that causes memory loss. Okay. Except it reset him all the way to pre-Kung Fu Panda. So now they would have to get the pot of remembrance and use it on him, and experience has shown he's going to remember everything, including the technique. So we're left back right where we started, and we never find out what happens to resolve this problem.
--Po never learns the lesson--don't take shortcuts (in certain situations). Even at the very end, he's still doing it. I'm sure the audience has got the message by this point, or at least I hope they have, but if Po himself isn't learning, the episode still feels unfinished.

Good Croc, Bad Croc:
--The charges against Po and Fung are never dropped. What's to stop Shifu from just sending Po back again? Easy crime message or not, at least finish the storyline.
--Po answers the door. After a few moments he grabs Fung and hides out of sight as Tigress comes to see who it is. She arrives with a sword in her hand. After asking for Po and looking around for about a second, she seems to just shrug it off and go back inside. It may not be time to raise the alarm, but, seriously, maybe she should be a bit more curious as to why your friend just up and disappeared with no explanation after answering the door?

--Skill level. The series is before KFP 2, so I can forgive some weakening, but even post-KFP Po and F5 seem like they should be stronger than they are sometimes portrayed. Like in GCBC, Po gets stuck in a hole. I kid you not--stuck in a hole, and not even all that deep, maybe 10 feet max. So by that logic, all Shen should have had to do in order to defeat Po was dig a hole, throw him in it, and leave him there to rot.
Or in nChain Reaction, handcuffs limit Po and Tigress. Those seem like something Tigress should be able to snap with her finger, not something she wastes her time fashioning a wooden key for.

Not all of the episodes are bad.
Scorpion's Sting and Chain Reaction are okay, if for nothing else but Tigress. However, even the episodes that aren't bad, aren't all that good either.
And there are points I honestly enjoy: The Sticky Situation kitchen scene and following training hall scene are pretty good. Scorpion's Sting sick ward scene with Tigress and Mr. Ping and the two bunnies was also pretty amusing.

It kind of reminds me of Merlin, especially its early episodes--the content and ideas are enjoyable, but the execution leaves something to be desired.
I don't feel that it's worthy of bearing the Kung Fu Panda name, especially after recently watching Kung Fu Panda 2. The episodes needed more polishing and direction before being released, even as pushed back as they were. So far there just seems to be this trend of poor storytelling cropping up throughout.