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11-29-2005, 01:06 AM
Okay, I have a question for you all. I've been thinking and thinking and thinking some more on what genre one of WIPs fits. The story is first person POV, told by the male. He's 19 and is trying to find out how his beloved was killed. (She was 18) Now, here comes the tricky part. The heroine, (the deceased girlfriend) comes to him in his dreams and "haunts" him during waking hours. There is even a scene where she comes to him in his dreams one night and they end up making love. (Boy, was that ever interesting to write) The story revolves around their past relationship, what he's going through now, his struggle to find out who was responsible for her murder and then at the end, he ends up killed by the murderer. However, instead of being a tragedy, which I know it sounds like, it's not. He and his beloved are reunited on "the other side" and in a manner of speaking live HEA because the killer is taken care of.

This story has elements of YA, being that part of it involves when they were in high school. Elements of mystery, the hero needs to find the killer. Elements of romance, it's their story and nooky and it does have a bittersweet HEA. And there's no possible way for me to take out the romantic element.

So please, could anyone tell me just what this is that I've created? lol I'm at a loss. I can't query an agent saying, "I wrote a book. Not sure what it is, but I know it's a book." ;) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cathy C
11-29-2005, 02:50 AM
Honestly? I wouldn't query this to a romance publisher. I would suggest finding a dark fantasy/horror publisher. Here's my reasoning:

1. With the ghost actually *existing* in our space and plane (evidenced by the fact that he joins up with her in the hereafter at the end), you've immediately shunted this into paranormal romance.

2. Except that it's not a romance, because you're dealing with a PAST love and trying to solve the mystery.

3. You've pretty much lost your HEA because, even though they wind up together, they're DEAD. Loss of life sort of ruins the HEA, even if you're hoping happy things for them as ghosts.

4. The protagonists are both minors (under 21). Sex scenes in the YA region are difficult, if not impossible to sell. If you move it to after he's of age, SHE'S still dead -- at 18. Hard to sell to readers in a romance line.

But in dark fantasy, you lose a lot of these "rules" and the story stands without edit (although the age thing might still be an issue. Depends on the publisher.) HOWEVER, you've also lost about half of your readership, which is a different issue.

But that's my best answer. :Shrug: You've got a dark fantasy novel. It does sound entertaining and might get picked up. Good luck!

11-29-2005, 04:18 AM
Thank you, Cathy! I didn't think it was a romance and the sex scene completely eliminated YA. (not to mention, it was just too dark) Dark fantasy does sound about right. Their age was what really had me scratching my head. Anyway, thanks for your suggestions. The proverbial weight has been lifted from my shoulders. :D

Robin Bayne
12-01-2005, 03:37 AM
I agree with Cathy!