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10-03-2011, 09:59 PM
Length, Draft and Language: 46,000 words, second draft after an editing pass/tinkering with a few plotholes and dodgy lines.

Brief Summary: The small English South West town of Wakeleigh has been left shell-shocked after three clever, wealthy 16-yr-olds who 'ruled' Wakeleigh Community College through means fair and foul, disappear one hot June night, their bloodstained car left abandoned in local woodland.

Five months later, and the beginning of my book (I don't have a prologue, btw), the body of the first is found. Events spiral out of control when Luke, the second kidnapped teen turns up, a wreck of his former self and determined to find his remaining best friend. He recruits the reluctant India into helping him, in return for his help with her particular project, and together they start to look for clues. But Luke is hiding something, from India and from himself, and it's slowly eating away at him.

There are also themes of Macbeth in it, hence the shakespeare quote title.

THE BRIGHTEST FELL explores (or tries to explore) the effect of guilt, and what some people will do for revenge...

Sub Genre & Keywords: Dark YA, guilt, contemporary, romance, revenge, bullying, the effects of a traumatic event on a person, PTSD, not-so-safe suburbia.

Known Issues: sentence layout, character development, possible unlikeable factor with the MCs, and is the foreshadowing of who the kidnapper is too obvious?

Critique Requested: Not line-for-line necessarily, more a general idea of whether the characters and their actions are realistic enough, if they are likeable enough, saleability (if that's even a word), and just generally if you like it/if it grabs you.

Critique Tolerance: I'm not into massively harsh, blunt critiques, but I like honesty.

Experience & Goals: This is my third completed novel (although I won't count my atrocious first one), and I've been writing for about three years, since I was 14/15. I would love to be published traditionally, as I'm not very good at the whole self-publishing thing.

Method of Communication: P'm me for email details.

Thank you everyone!