View Full Version : YA fantasy betas needed

Straw Spinner
10-01-2011, 12:11 AM
Hello, all you wonderful betas! I’m an aspiring author, new to AW, who’d love some help with my 98K-word YA fantasy MS: The Adventures of Stanley Delacourt.

A little bit about it: fans of Pullman, Snicket, and the immortal Tolkien might find it to their liking. I’d be glad to give a synopsis, or copy of my query letter if you need more detail.

Not looking for a copy edit at this point: more of an overall review of plot, characterization, tension, and the like. Prefer a beta that is sensitive to my feelings, but honest and fair.

Would be glad to swap beta’ing; I feel my strong points are spotting plot holes, increasing “believe-ability,” and enhancing sentence structure. Weak points: not the best proofreader. I will, however, correct any mistakes I find at your request. My beta reads might include fantasy (obv. ;-), paranormal romance, and the like. I am, however, open to other suggestions. I prefer not to work w/sci-fi, Christian (no offense—just not my thing), horror, or anything too dark in general.

If anyone is interested, please reply to this post. I’d be happy to exchange a few chapters with you to ensure we’re a match. I’m looking for at least 4 betas, if that is possible. I would love to have my critique’d MS back to me in a month, and of course, I’d do the same for others.

Thanks to everyone for reading this post, and anyone who chooses to respond!