View Full Version : Influenza Experiences For Younger Readers

Tish Davidson
11-26-2005, 02:32 AM
I just got back editorial suggestions for a book on influenza for ages 9-13 that will be published in 2006. One suggestion was to use more quotes from people who had the flu to give young readers a better idea of what it felt like. I am looking for quotes ideally from young people ages 12-18 or from older people about having the flu when they were that age or a bit younger. The emphasis is on what the symptoms felt like (example: I had the flu when I was nine. For about three days it felt like little men with hammers lived in my head. I missed about two weeks of school)

I would also be interested in hearing from anyone whose family oral history details the loss of a relative to flu (probably during the 1918 influenza epidemic) or who has a story about how flu affected their life or business.

If you have something to share, either PM me or post here. I'll send a copy of the book to anyone whose quote makes it into the final version.

Thanks in advance,