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09-26-2011, 11:59 PM
The Hunger Mountain Children’s & YA page continues to showcase the best and brightest in children’s literature, from new voices to award-winners. We spotlight industry issues as they happen and create a dialogue between writer, reader, librarian, parent, and all interested in kid-lit.

*We are also interested in sneak-peaks into new books coming out, deleted chapters from books, short stories, etc.* Hunger Mountain buys first world serial rights and upon publication, the rights revert back to the contributor. For sneak-peaks, publisher and rights department approval is needed.

For those interested in submitting, please visit the Hunger Mountain submissions page (http://www.hungermtn.org/submit/).

Jan-March 2012

The Mystery & Magic of Identity

Hunger Mountain is actively seeking submissions for the Winter 2012 issue The Mystery and Magic of Identity. We are looking for essays, fiction, poetry, non-fiction and humor that touch on the themes of identity—gender, sexual, ethnic, privilege, author branding, online identity, explorations of self, along with the mystery and magic of world building in fantasy and novels that deal with time travel. For picture books—identity issues as a child, sibling relationships, the magic of word choice, the mystery of the page turn etc.

April-June 2012

The Landscape of Literature
Hunger Mountain is actively seeking submissions for the Spring 2012 issue, The Landscape of Literature. We are looking for essays, fiction, poetry, non-fiction and humor touching on the importance of setting, place, regionally distinct pieces (Not just Southern), use of dialect, heritage—literary heritage as well as author’s heritage, where historical novels now fit, illustrators incorporating setting details in their work, setting as character, from YA, MG and PB contributors.

Along with our features, each issue we would like to include one or two essays for our regular columns:

The Flipside—two authors various take on one issue.
This Writer’s Life—essays on and about the writer’s life.
INKlings—essays on and about the illustrator’s life and/or techniques.
In Response—an essay adding to or commenting on the conversation from the prior HM issue.
The Toolbox—craft based essays on a variety of topics.
What My Last Book Taught Me—A short essay on what the author’s last book taught them.
New Work—fiction, poetry, short stories, opening chapters of WIP, etc.

Please see our most current issue here: http://www.hungermtn.org/young-adults-and-childrens-literature/ (http://www.hungermtn.org/young-adults-and-childrens-literature/)

Do not miss the Art & Insanity of Creativity fall issue which will launch later this month.

09-27-2011, 05:43 AM
Should probably note that there's a $3 submission fee.

"We now charge a $3.00 fee for all general submissions. This is not a reading fee; it’s simply meant to cover the administrative and IT costs associated with reading your manuscript. We happily waive this fee for current subscribers."

09-29-2011, 07:37 AM
Question--are the novel excerpts only for forthcoming novels, or do you accept excerpts from uncontracted ones?

09-30-2011, 12:24 AM
Keyan, I hadn't known about this submission fee. I will talk to the higher ups about it.

And to answer the question -- both! Though novels under contract are sometimes trickier, rights wise, but we absolutely look at both.

02-23-2012, 08:43 PM
I would definately like to submit and article or two to you guys.

My blog, http://desstories.blogspot.com