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09-23-2011, 09:30 AM
Length, Draft and Language: 78,615 words, first draft, English. A completed novel.

Brief Summary:
Twenty-two-year-old Istvan works for the Order of Magdalene; one of many psychic organizations devoted to keeping the world of Terra in balance. He is given a mission; take care of a possessed necromancer turned contagion. He challenges the controlled man and is forced to kill him. Despite his efforts Istvan contracts the corruption that the possessed psychic had been spreading and he knows that unless he can find a cure, he will die. Immediately he sets out to find some way to get rid of the corruption and discovers what he needs; a Voidist, a person whose power can erase and alter whatever it touches. He hears rumors of a boy named Caleb who exhibited such a power. The hunt for his life begins as he attempts to track down a boy who seems to constantly be on the move.

Meanwhile, fourteen-year-old Caleb Wright is constantly abused by his aunt and uncle and finds his only respite is in the form of the Hunt family, but all that changes when he discovers that he is a psychic. His powers which include not only necromancy but a strange power that erases whatever it touches, both of which he cannot control, frighten him. He seeks the aid of the Hunts and not only do they take him in as a member of the family but also guide him towards the training he needs as well as to learn what it means to be a psychic and a guardian.

Sub Genre & Keywords: fantasy, young adult, romance, adventure, coming of age, magic, necromancy, psychic, supernatural.

Known Issues: technical issues, possibly tense, character development, presentation.

Critique Requested: I really just need to know if the story is enjoyable enough to make you want to continue reading. I would also like to see if my character development and presentation of the story is clear to the reader.

Critique Tolerance: Be as blunt and as thorough as possible. I am looking for a critique that will help improve this manuscript and my writing.

Experience & Goals: This is my first completed novel. Though I have come to near completion time and again beforehand.

Method of Communication: PM me so that we can first build a mode of trust. I will send you the first few chapters and we can go on from there.

Thank you and I am looking forward to whoever is willing to help me in this venture. I want someone with a keen eye, truthful, trustworthy, and an avid reader.

10-16-2011, 12:02 AM
Just wanted to say that I am still looking for Beta Readers if anyone is interested.