View Full Version : Romantic Suspense: Smoking Gun

09-19-2011, 11:30 PM
I have a 70k romantic suspense book called Smoking Gun ready for readers. I'm trying to convert the Word document to epub or Kindle version for easier reading for some but right now it's just in Word or PDF.

Basic premise: Celeste Logan suspects that her father's accident was actually murder, and John Sanders is responsible. While spying on Sanders, she runs into Beau Logan.

Celeste's best hope to finding evidence to convict Sanders is Beau, but she's having a hard time convincing Beau that Sanders is guilty. Plus, there's a crazy guy who stalks her, and becomes involved in a car chase, random dead carcass deposits on her porch, and other absolute meanie things.

I don't mind hard criticism but it should be helpful, please. I can't read your mind if you tell me, "I didn't like it." Let me know what you didn't like and maybe a thought or two on improvement ideas.

Please be a fan of the genre!