View Full Version : Beta for YA Paranormal Romance (with ghosts)

Alice Grace
09-19-2011, 01:45 PM
I am looking for another round of betas for my YA, contemporary, paranormal romance. The main story is boy meets girl but there is also a minor m/m scene involved. 70 000 + words.

A short description:
Lily is a teenager who saw her first ghost at the age of 5. When she was 10 she started a new school, and mistook a ghost in the classroom for a real person. Turned out that talking to yourself in front of other children was a bad way to start a new school. At least if you were interested in ever getting friends.

As a teenager, Lilyís best friend is a ghost named Julien. Unfortunately, Julienís younger brother, Jason, is one of Lilyís worst bullies. He takes after his older brother, his role model, who died with a secret Jason would never understand.

One day in class, the first ghost Lily ever met reappears. He is sitting there in the front row, looking exactly the same he did when she met him at the age of 5. Only he canít be a ghost since everyone in class can see him as well.

You can also read the first chapter in this SYW thread:


PM me if youíre interested.