View Full Version : High school admittance papers?

09-15-2011, 02:11 AM
Hey guys! It's been awhile since I was in high school and I can't remember....
If you were to enter into a new high school or, better yet, transfer to a new school, would you have/need some sort of admittance papers? Would there be any paperwork at all that you'd be asked to bring, or do you just show up?

Thanks :)

Drachen Jager
09-15-2011, 02:15 AM
Yeah, you'd need ID and transcripts. I'm not sure if you'd need anything else.

09-15-2011, 02:24 AM
thanks! that's what I figured :D

09-15-2011, 02:27 AM
A lot of times you don't need ID or transcripts. You would probably need a copy of your social security card but most of your paperwork is transferred from your last school. You would be able to show up and get the paperwork and if you have it back the same day filled out you would start the next day. At high school level there is sometimes some testing involved for placement but they aren't always that formal they will just ask you what classes you were in previously. At least, that is how it is in Oregon. :)

09-15-2011, 02:33 AM
Ok, as far as this story goes, I'm thinking my characters would have forged documents with fake names and such, so everything like testing would have been glossed over. You're thinking social security card is probably a must, too?

Drachen Jager
09-15-2011, 02:41 AM
That's all easy to get. They shouldn't have fake names though. For social security cards they're best off using someone else's name. That's how illegal immigrants do it, and the system is configured to make that relatively easy.

As for transcripts, any semi-competent forger or intelligent person with an internet connection should be able to forge those easily.

@Sharon: Even if your previous school sends your transcripts along, you still NEED them, it's just someone else dealing with the paperwork. Likewise, social security is a form of ID... So, what you said doesn't make a whole lot of sense.