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11-22-2005, 05:32 PM
I need some advice with reporter interviews. This is my first book and I have never talked to reporters before. The problem I am having is how to talk about my book without giving away surprises, and twists and turns in the plot. My book is a fictional, politicial novel about a Presidential Election.
I am having writers block when it comes to describing the book without telling too much. Anyone had the same problem ? Any advice out there? Thank you.

11-22-2005, 11:33 PM
Most reporters are going to be more interested in how your background or the message in your book relates to a topic they are already covering. Most reporters aren't interested in hearing about another fiction book (other than book review editors) and would prefer to be pitched a topic that might be of interest to their audience. Remember that the media exists to provide topical information to their target demographic and not to promote products. However, if you can provide them with a great story idea or if they can quote you as a source for their story, they will often be willing to mention the book in return. Therefore, I would not focus your press release on twists and turns that may occur within your book, but a hook (story idea) that the media can use are part of covering their normal beat. When you are promoting fiction, the author is the brand that you are selling. Thus, think about what qualifications and credentials you have that position you to talk on Presidential elections and campaigning. Position yourself as an expert and give the media useful information and you will become much more appealing.

In fact, with election season coming up in about a year and most campaigns getting underway next spring, you are fortunate enough to have a timely hook for your fiction novel. Some pitch ideas might include offering a top-ten list that gives tips for sizing up local candidates (this can apply all over the country), a humorous top-ten list that runs down the most comical campaign moments of the new century or even an op-ed that relates back to a theme within your book.

The main point is to try and do the media's job for them. Let them know why the pitch relates to their audience and why you are qualified to give such information. Focus less on the actual book and more on why your message is important to their viewers, readers or listeners. Hope this helps…

11-23-2005, 12:30 AM
Thanks so much for your insights, they are very helpful.