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09-11-2011, 05:08 AM

The good luck knot is a classic Chinese knot. It is created by tying in alternating directions to form a square with a cross in the center of it. This formation symbolizes the relationship between Earth and Sky, between the known and the unknown, the physical and the spiritual.

Love. That’s all Jordan wants. Family love. Friend love. Romantic love. Love for the world. Love for life. But above all, she wants to love herself. And if she could figure out how, the rest would probably fall into place. Unfortunately, loving and accepting herself feels as attainable as walking on the sun.

Over the years Jordan has become quite adept at hiding her self-loathing. She lies to her friends, hides cuts from her classmates, and smiles at strangers with the help of a cocktail of prescription and street drugs. Her efforts to get by thinly mask the fact that she’s secretly falling apart. When Jordan runs out of energy to just keep pretending, she gives up all hope and prepares to check out for good. She can no longer fight the fear that what she wants most will forever be out of reach.

She doesn’t know who to turn to or what to do. She only knows that with her last ounce of strength, she’s going to fight for the inner light she once had. The answers she seek can only be found somewhere beyond her past and current realities.

The cold, untamed land of Antarctica is her first destination. Slowly her strength rebuilds and she travels further to such places as the beautiful yet barren steppes of Mongolia, the serene rolling hills of Italy, and the ancient city of Istanbul. As much as each place inspires her, it’s the people she meets that open her mind and heart to new ideas about hope and love.

Jordan returns home rejuvenated but aware her journey isn’t over. She’s realized that what she was looking for isn’t anywhere out in the world. It’s inside her. All she has to do is face herself and her struggle will be over. Looking inside promises redemption, but also comes with a risk. She may find that she isn’t strong enough to face her biggest foe: herself.

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