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09-01-2011, 03:11 AM
Not sure where to put this at(forgive me if this is the wrong place).

I have a story that features Gay Lead characters as well as straight characters and is very dark at times...but also has moments of serenity.
It's a coming of age story with romance, heartbreak and angst and I actually host my story on my own website and it has gotten alot of feedback from fans but I wanted to get the opinion of some of the lovely people here.

It is called Halo and it is a series of 5 installments.

Halo: Beginnings(Book One)

Coy and Ky james are twin brothers. Coy is the brains of the two and he is hiding a devastating secret.....One year ago, he suffered a rape after being drugged by an older boy. Now, Coy is forcing himself to forget the rape and is looking for love.

Ky is the athlete who has a secret of his own that he has desperately been keeping but when he befriends another Jock named Nick, an attraction begins to emerge that Ky is not sure he is ready to acknowledge.

Josh, Coy's best friend, has a hard time accepting Coy's sexuality and his ignorance may very well cost him his friendship.

Halo 2: Angels & Monsters

Coy James is happy. He has great friends, He has a great boyfriend and life is great for him. That is until a ghost from his past comes back to haunt him in his present.

Meanwhile, Ky is having trouble accepting his sexuality and goes through great lengths to cure himself of the sickness of being gay.

Josh is hiding a secret about his family and a dangerous way of coping with the family problems.

Also, Matt's old habits began to resurface which may threaten his relationship.

This installment of Halo is VERY Graphic, Very dark and intense.

Halo 3: Marco aka Halo 3: Gemini

After the shocking end of Halo 2: Angels & Monsters, none of the characters' lives will be the same ever again.

There is something oddly different about Coy. He looks the same. Talks the same. But...he seems...different. Almost like an entirely different person

Halo 4: Resurrection
The group of friends try to move past the shocking events of Book 3. As the group of friends begin their senior year,A Boyfriend get extremely Jealous, A Pregnancy Scare, A New love triangle, New Rivals, and a breakup all appears in this installment.

Halo 5: Innocence
It's Nearly Graduation. They've suffered. They Excelled. They Cried. They Laughed. They fought. But before graduation, they'll doubt. They'll experiment. They will rise and they will fall. And by the final chapter, they'll mourn the loss of a close friend.

Halo 1 is 5 chapters
Halo 2- 8 chapters
Halo 3- 9 chapters
Halo 4- 5 chapters
Halo 5- 12 chapters plus epilogue

So if you want to read a story about Strong teen characters, Strong Gay characters and something that is not a cliche romance or teen story then please let me know. I could use your feedback and opinions because I would love to one day work on getting Halo into the hands of readers.