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08-26-2011, 05:48 AM
creative writing is a type of writing in a style that's not applicable to academic, professional or jurnalistic writing. Creative writing is known for its use of colloquialism, onomatopoeia, imagery.....Good grief, I can't go on.

Here's the deal everyone. I'm not sitting here absorbed in my own self-grandeur trying to make a masterpiece of literature. I'm sitting here because I face a moral dilemma of having a screenplay that I've tried making into a film (which, despite my bravest efforts has failed) changed into a novel and I'm struggling with it because if I novelise it, I'll have bastardised a story which I've given seven years of my life.

Which makes this whole exercise ironic because if I do novelise it, I'll feel like I'm not doing the story justice. What makes the situation more complicated is that the novelisation wouldn't be done by someone who wants to be known as an author or a writer. This story would be done by someone who only novelised it out of desperation.

Writing is apparently a talent I possess (other people have commented on that) and given the right situation and circumstances, I can actually write but I just don't feel like it 95% of the time.
I think it's because I don't feel the same sense of achievement with writing as other people would. To me, it's just a bunch of words put together in a way that conveys some kind of meaning.

You wouldn't believe it but I'm supposed to be making an effort to make seven years of my life into something that people can enjoy but instead I'm here, venting my spleen (I'm well and truly inside Milhouse2011's dark place right now)

You're probably wondering to yourself "If Milhouse2011 isn't a fan of writing, why do it in the first place?"
The answer is simple: boredom. Some writers write for pleasure, other writers write because they aspire to be next big author, I write because if I don't I'll find myself in a psychiatric ward angry at having ideas for stories with no means to tell it.

For what it's worth, I enjoy coming up with ideas for stories, the stories themselves and new ways to tell a story.

Picture this. One person is writing and they're enjoying a sense of fulfillment that comes from writing, The other person is staring at a blank screen and wondering if putting his hand in a pot of boiling oil would be more productive than writing. guess which one I am.

I'm not even sure how this novelisation will turn out, assuming it actually happens. i'm sorry folks but if you're looking for entertainment, read a blog. There's nothing of value here.

Anyway, I'm still sitting here trying to figure out how to novelise my story but instead I have a pretty long and bizarre rant about creative writing. Speaking of which, If there's issues with grammar, sentence structure and general flow of writing in this post, keep this in mind: It's being written by someone really doesn't care about being a writer. Seriously if through some act of God I got a book published, I'd be at my own book signing drinking JD, chain smoking and apologising to everyone who bought because I didn't give them the story they deserved.

On that note, I'll sign off. Perhaps the next time I post I'll have something to write about but I wouldn't hold your breath.