View Full Version : 75k literary romance - beta readers?

08-24-2011, 07:39 PM
My novel Kasutori is a 75k literary romance story following the coming of age of two characters; Natsumi, a 19 year-old runaway, who falls in love with a yakuza gangster in booming 1950s Tokyo; and her grandson Sho in modern Japan, who meets a creatively-minded girl just as his circle of friends starts to fracture.

I think (or hope) the plot's pretty strong and there's not much navel gazing, so don't be put off by the literariness. I'm not so worried about line-by-line proofreading (I think I've caught most spelling/grammar errors), but I am concerned about pacing and overall plot. Anybody with a deep love of Japan/knowledge of Japanese postwar history would be perfect for checking factual errors!