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08-24-2011, 02:08 AM
I wish I could put this in the paying market forum, but the fact is this: You can't get paid till a product becomes popular enough to pay the people producing it. That is where I stand, I once created a one time issue of a magazine more than ten years ago. I had some trouble getting a really good artist and other personal things happened that killed the project after the first issue run of a hundred. Sadly I got responses saying when where they going to expect the next issue and I had to respond to them that things have happened and what happened and why there wouldn't be another issue coming out. I really wanted to make it a mainstream rag, but that is the breaks in life sometimes. Now that my life is a lot more settled and I'm continuing my path of seeking a relevant degree that would allow me to do something I love as a job, gaming. Part for love of writing and reading, part for love of gaming and the pure discussion of were that medium of entertainment is going and it wouldn't hurt to add something to the portfolio when I'm going out to look for a job in the gaming biz, I am resurrecting my magazine idea with a new name and a new company name as well that will pass on into the name of a gaming company I would like to start sometime in the future. So what I'm looking for:

Writers of all kinds that like to write sci-fi/fantasy style works of literature: Poetry, short stories, article writers, editors as well as series writers that will come back every month and add a bit more to the ongoing storyline of a miniseries like short story. if you want to share some ideas or volunteer some work let me know. and later on when things start picking up and we are making a profit or even getting paid I'll pass that along with some kind of price per word agreement that will have to be drawn up, again when I can pay a business lawyer to making it all legal and binding and such, so everyone is covered and issued a fair deal. Let me know what you all think.