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11-15-2005, 12:13 AM
Do you remember your first pet? Here's where you can share your stories about the first family pet(s) you remember, as well as memories of your first-ever, very own, nobody-else's-but-yours pet.

My first very own pet was a little striped gray and black cat. She was given to me when I was about 10 and I named her Tiger. I loved her with all the fierceness a 10-year-old is capable of, and I cried for days when she died. I've had other cats since then, but I never named another one Tiger. She was the only Tiger in the world to me!

Family pet: The first family pet I remember was a collie named Amanda. She was gorgeous but had a bad habit of stealing my toys and then nipping if I tried to get them back! She was also a wonderful protector and never let anyone outside of our family get near me or my siblings. I have an old black and white picture of her lying in the snow with my younger brother and I draped across her back. I love that photo.

11-15-2005, 02:16 AM
What a great story! I bet that poor guy had visions of blood-splattered walls, a mangled little boy, and huge lawsuits. Thank goodness the dog had other ideas.

Isn't it funny how some animals instinctively know which human they're meant to be with?