View Full Version : Wanting Beta support while writing - medieval historical novel "Avellyn"

08-22-2011, 02:57 PM
This is probably different to what everyone else needs! I haven't finished my novel, I'm about 3 chapters in. What I really need is for someone to keep me writing.

At school, i finished an entire novel because my friends wanted a chapter a week. SO...

I'm looking for a Beta who is willing to receive (and bug me for) a chapter each week.

I'm currently a beta for someone else, but would love to take on anyone else who is willing to help me. I'm a great multi-tasker when I have to be.

Here is a brief "blurb":

Avellyn, caught on the wrong side of a civil war, entangles herself in Prince Louis' romances and ambitions to take the English throne

1215, the year of the Great Baron's War and the Magna Carta. Avellyn is kidnapped by rebel raiders and eventually assumes the role of camp follower, despite being a baron's daughter. Her father, still loyal to King John, is killed in a small battle and Avellyn is left no choice but to continue her work with the rebel barons. In a desperate move, Prince Louis of France is offered the throne of England, should he aide the rebel barons to victory. Avellyn finds herself a part of the Prince's procession, and her duties of cooking, sewing and cleaning soon extend to favours for Louis. She is smitten by the prince and his promises of wealth and victory. Years of dissatisfaction have turned the people against each other, and Avellyn is soon severed from her world of trust, virture and loyalty.

Please PM me if interested!